1. My toilet space is small, is there any way i can save on space?
Ans : Try using concealed cisterns that are hidden inside the wall and fitted with closets of your choice. They improve not only the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also free up a lot of space.

2. Where can i see your product range?
Ans : After having gone through our product range on this site and need a personal experience, please do visit any of our showrooms in your city. For more information call us or write to us and we will be happy to assist you.

3. Can i combine products from different collections?
Ans : Yes. You can mix and match from different collections if you feel it will suit your overall design. But if you choose to do that, do consider the design elements of each collection like the shape, colour and size. Please visit our showroom to get an idea of the combination you have in mind.

4. Do we really need an exhaust fan in the bathroom?
Ans : The bathroom is the most damp and humid place in the house, providing ideal conditions for mold, bacteria, viruses, etc. to grow. Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom will discourage mildew growth in the bathroom, and increase air circulation to decrease moisture. If your toilet unit is included in the bathroom, air circulation will also keep foul smell out.


1.How can we clean and remove limescale from my products?
Ans: Do not use any cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleach or acetic acid, as these can cause significant damage so Clean using the prescribed cleaning agent dosage and with a maximum exposure time of 10 min. The procedure is When spray cleaning, never spray the cleaning solution onto the products; instead, spray onto the cleaning cloth.After cleaning, rinse sufficiently with clean water.


1.What are the the standard sizes that come in Shower Enclosures for Ready to fit in ?
Ans: The standard sizes that cn be ready to fit - in are : 900x900mm,1000x1000mm,1200x1200mm,1200x1000mm.

2. What are the different types of shower enclosure?
Ans: The different types of shower enclosure are sliding ,frameless ,semi framed and framed enclosure .

i. Framed :
A framed shower enclosure has a metal trim around the entire structure, including the door. They tend to look more traditional in their style and look fantastic in more complex designs, such as a pentagonal enclosure.

ii. Semi-Frameless :
Semi frameless enclosures provide a metal trim around the entire structure of the enclosure but do not have metal around the door, allowing the term ‘semi-frameless’. These are some of the most common on the market today and allow you to create a stunning looking contemporary shower enclosure with a stable and rigid frame.

iii. Frameless :
Just as the name suggests, a frameless shower enclosure contains no metal framework around the glass panels. Frameless showers may, however, have metal hinges to keep the panels attached to the wall or other panels. To characterise a shower enclosure as ‘frameless’, the glass thickness must be between 9.5mm and 12.5mm and must contain no metal around the door. Due to the nature of a frameless enclosure, support bars are often offered to maintain extra rigidity around the enclosure.

3. What should be the thickness of the glass of shower enclosure?
Ans: The glass thickness which are available are 8mm in frameless enclosure 6mm in semi framed enclosure and 6mm, 4mm in framed enclosure .

4. Are the shower enclosure customizable?
Ans: Yes, shower enclosure are customizable and technicians of the particulars will assist with the customization of the enclosure.

5. Does RLU have techinicians for installing wellness products(shower enclosure, spa,bath tub, whirlpool,sauna)?
Ans: No, we do not have any technician of our own but we can assist you with a third party technician.

6. What the different types of glasses used in shower enclosure?
Ans: There are three types of glasses used for shower enclosures: Toughned Glass, Texture Glass and Anti - Lime Scale.

7. What is ‘toughened safety glass’ and what are the benefits? Ans: Toughened safety glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its tensile strength compared to standard glass. This process is known as ‘tempering’ and it creates balanced internal stressed within the glass piece which, when damaged or broken, forces the glass to crumble into small pieces instead of breaking into jagged, dangerous shards. All shower doors and enclosures on the market today come with EU regulated toughened safety glass as standard.

8. How important is glass thickness in a shower?
Ans : When purchasing a shower door or enclosure, you’ll often notice that each design comes in a choice of glass thicknesses, varying from 4mm to 10mm+. From a safety perspective, the thicker the glass, the more durable and long lasting it will be. Thicker glass doors also lend themselves well to contemporary bathroom designs and create a luxurious feel.


1. What is anti bactrial coating?
Ans: An anti bactrial coting is not a surface coating but an antibacterial ceramic glaze that is enriched with metal ions (zinc-tin based) and that provides almost indefinite effectiveness. HygieneGlaze is integrated into the ceramic glaze during firing. This manufacturing process ensures a reduction in germs with lasting effect. HygieneGlaze is baked into the ceramic and extends from the interior to the rim of the toilet or urinal and is therefore effective in areas particularly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria and germs. Compared with conventional surface glazes, HygieneGlaze kills up to an almost unprecedented 99.9 percent of germs.

2. What is wonder-gliss coating?
Ans: The wonder gliss coating that is baked into the ceramic doesnt give grime a chance dirt and lime scale cannot secure a hold on the smooth surface, so residue runs off more easily with the water sanitary ceramics featuring wonder gliss stays smooth and clean for longer and are thus extremely easy to clean. All it take is a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent.

3. Why soft close seat WC are better?
Ans: A gentle tab is all it takes and the toilet seat lowers automatically,closes gently and quitely.